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As determined by the APSI General Assembly held in Luso on December 15th, a decision ratified at the APSI meeting of June 15th, 2018, in Lousã, CAPSI´2018 will implement a set of complementary policies, therefore ensuring the Conference's quality and credibility.

In this regard, these are the main guidelines to be fulfilled in 2018

- Those who yield direct influence over the selection and acceptance of papers/posters for CAPSI´2018 cannot submit papers themselves. These include the president of APSI (Isabel Ramos) and all the Program Commission Coordinators (Paulo Silva, Rui Quaresma and Tiago Oliveira).

- Authors of accepted papers should make themselves available to submit the articles duly formatted according to the Conference template as these will be placed in the APSI Repository.

- Templates are made available in .doc format, on the Conference website, and contain the strict procedures and formatting guidelines to be followed.

- APSI does not own any copyright over contents in the Repository. Thus, authors may eventually submit their articles for publication in other journals, publications, etc.

- For purposes of quality assurance and best practices at the SCOPUS indexing level, CAPSI assumes a rejection rate for submitted papers of at least 40%.

- Of papers submitted by each author or co-author, only a maximum of two articles may be accepted by CAPSI´2018.

- Of papers and posters submitted by each author or co-author, acceptance is restricted to a combination of up to two papers and one poster, by an author or co-author, or one paper and up to two or three posters.

- Accepted posters will be included in the Conference Proceedings.

- Each accepted paper or poster will correspond with an author/co-author entry in a ratio of an author/co-author for each article/poster.